Commercial Speech: A Danger to Freedom?

This great country that we live in was founded on the principles of free speech. The First Amendment is arguably the most important freedom that we have at our disposal. Like most other governments, the United States also has its fair share of controversies. Quite a few legislative officials are trying to take away some of the rights of commercial speech. Although this action could bring about a few benefits, it may also put our right to freedom (more…)

Citizens United and the Evolution of Free Speech

To say that the Citizens United Supreme Court decision was controversial would be an understatement, and many believe that the court’s decision will increase corporate power to an unacceptable level. However, free speech advocates have lauded the decision as necessary and, in the long run, helpful. Here are some of the ramifications of the Citizens United decision and how they will affect politics in the coming years.

The court’s decision will allow corporations to donate large sums of money to political campaigns. (more…)

Super PACs and Absurdities in Modern Interpretations of Free Speech

The first amendment to the United States constitution guarantees the citizenry the right to the freedom of speech. Specifically, it states that congress shall make no laws abridging the freedom of speech. It was originally meant to apply to the federal government, however subsequent court rulings deemed that it applied to each state as well. The freedom of speech has become one of our most time-honored traditions.
Yet, we see certain court rulings making a mockery of this amendment. None sparks as (more…)

Yelling Fire in the Theater: The Truth about Constitutional Limits

The First Amendment protects our religion, free speech, the right to assemble peaceably and petition the government. Many people misinterpret the meaning of this amendment and mistakenly think it protects all speech without exclusion. As with any rule, there are exceptions.

Music and movies are protected under the First Amendment, but the courts have not made a decision yet if video games are also protected under the same law. Advertising has limited protection under the First Amendment, and some classes of speech are not protected (more…)

Military Funerals and the First Amendment

The first amendment actually protects hateful protests at military funerals. Nobody can actually react to the pain by punishing the speaker.This is to make sure that nobody stifles public debate. This was ruled into action in the Supreme court with most votes for this amendment. It is very important for people to actually follow this law or there will be some type of punishment. People do have a freedom of speech but when it comes to events such as a military funeral, people just need to be careful of what they do (more…)

Understanding the Limitations of the First Amendment

The First Amendment guarantees that Americans will have political free speech. It guarantees the freedom of religion. It even protects the owners of news organizations and the rights of people to protest. While it is one of the great ideas of the founding fathers, there are limits to what the first amendment can do.

Many people already know that the first amendment does not protect against accusations of slander or libel. A person cannot print damaging information about someone else, nor can he speak such accusations. (more…)

Does the First Amendment Encourage Hateful Speech

The right to free speech is our first constitutional amendment. When this country was first being formed, governed and populated, the government wanted its citizens to be able to speak freely about issues concerning their safety, happiness and rights.

The First Amendment does NOT encourage hateful speech. People can speak hatefully in this country and they will, but that was not the intent of this amendment. People who justify speaking hatefully, spreading hate, prejudice and meanness by referring (more…)

Websites that Rely on Free Speech

Free speech is everywhere but nowhere more so than on the web. As we’ve seen in other countries and here on U.S. soil the free speech fight is far from over and the pervasiveness of Clear Wireless Internet is making it easier for everyone to express their views. Here are a few of the websites that would be hard pressed to exist in a world without free (more…)

Money Talks: The Erosion of the First Amendment

Money talks today stronger than ever. The influence of money upon free speech is causing the erosion of the First Amendment more quickly than ever.

Money is buying the opinions of the public through advertising, the votes of the political arena through lobbying and directs the masses through commercials on television. Most of us think what we do politically, socially and economically because of the influence money has over us as a citizen. This is true in America and in the rest (more…)

Hates Speech in the 21st Century

In the United States, hate speech typically has been reserved toward race and has resulted in intolerance, hatred, and violence toward black people well into the Eighties. Hate rhetoric has always had a tendency to lead toward sinister actions toward those whom the poisoned words are directed. In the 21rst century, one almost wants to use to term evolved to describe the malice in speech compared with our past, however, it only shifted shades. Racism has been redirected, and now targets Arabs and Muslims. The national debate has actually become: should the (more…)